Apple Refurbished Apple Promo Code Each day a number of hugely-discounted products are temporarily made available through Apple's Canada online store. Though the prices and products are excellent, navigating through the information can be difficult. A new Web site,, displays The Canada Apple Store's Special Deals in an updated, convenient and easy-to-read format to save Apple shoppers time and money. Product listings are updated daily at, so shoppers can see right away which product offerings are new. also offers a free downloadable Dashboard widget that displays the day's current-selling "hot deals" in both single and comprehensive formats. Or, if they prefer, shoppers can also receive a daily e-mail with up-to-date information on the latest Apple bargains. All refurbished products available through the Special Deals section of The Canada Apple Store are covered by Apple's one-year limited warranty, with extended warranties also available.

Big Savings at The Apple Store CANADA

Each day a number of hugely-discounted products from Apple Canada's online store are temporarily made available until they sell out. displays these current-selling "hot deals" in an updated, convenient and easy-to-read format, saving Apple shoppers both time and money. Please click any of the links below to visit the "Special Deals" section of the Apple Store.

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